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Welcome to Advelor

Advelor is an agency that provides Wix-based digital marketing solutions.

At Advelor, we're women-owned and operated. Our founders are dedicated to empowering businesswomen across the nation. We want to empower other women entrepreneurs, so you can expect the highest level of care and attention.

The company offers a range of services, including designing and developing websites, developing digital marketing campaigns, and optimizing e-commerce sites for search engines.


Customers can use the digital marketing agency as a one-stop shop for all of their online marketing needs.


Advelor is the perfect choice for any digital marketing project that you could ever need, from low-cost website design to high-end marketing campaigns, and everything in between!

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We Are Different From the Others.
 Call:  +1 - (647) 568 0802

We Are a Trusted Digital Marketing Company

High Customer Retention Rate

Dedicated Customer Support

Professional Team Members

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